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We Are An Awesome Digital Marketing Agency

Blair Allen is a transformational boutique digital design and marketing agency.


Building a small business marketing strategy can be complex, time consuming, and very expensive. The result: most small businesses are unable to invest in the knowledge and tools necessary to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.


At Blair Allen we provide you with managed digital design and marketing services to help you scale and sustain your business. We take pride in our success and unique ability to blend new concepts with technology.


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Jason Blair

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Our Team

A Word From Our CEO

Traditional Marketing is broken and very hard to measure a return on your investment.


We understand that in order to be competitive, a company must have a strong online presence.  But most small businesses don’t have the capital to have a marketing staff in-house.  That problem is compounded when all things digital are done “during down time.”


Small businesses were left with a choice: spend a lot on third party vendors and try to get them all to work together, or learn how to do it all themselves.


That’s why I started Blair Allen; we offer another solution.  I work with a team of experts to bring high quality design, strong marketing, and new technology to make sure you look good.  We provide the entire package so that you can focus on your business.

Our Services

All Things Digital

Custom Website Design

Your website should be simple, clean, and have a clear call to action. When a visitor lands on your site, can they tell what you’re all about in a matter of seconds? Does the site work on all screen sizes? When we launch your new site, it is campaign ready to drive traffic from day one.

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Social Marketing Setup

The average American spends nearly 2 hours every day on social media (and that amount of time increases every year). Are you meeting your clients where they are spending a large chunk their time? A properly optimized social media marketing campaign works.

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Custom Graphic Design

Design can be hard. Keeping a graphic design artist on staff is expensive. How often have you tried to create something that just didn’t look right? Access to custom graphic design content for logos, flyers, mailers, and more can enhance your brand and set you apart.

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Custom Video Production

Creating video seems simple: just point and shoot. But editing and post production work can suck hours from your day; hours that you could have used to grow your business. As more people are watching video online, your goal is to provide them content they desire. We can help.

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SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your site is found on the search engines. As algorithms change, the techniques to make sure your site ranks highly change as well. Do you have the time (or desire) to keep up with those changes? We do, and we can.

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Social Site Management

Your target market is online throughout the day, including when you’re meeting with clients, driving, or relaxing at home after a day in the office. Comments, questions, likes, and shares happen even when you don’t want to reply. Let someone else do that for you.

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Campaign Marketing

Marketing your business is filled with campaigns. Social media campaigns, email blasts, blogs, offers, and coupons have to roll out in a timely manner (and be followed-up on). The better they work, the less time you have for them. Take them off your plate completely.

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Hosting & SSL

How would it impact your business if your site was down for an hour? What if it was down for a week? What if your clients’ data was compromised because the website wasn’t as secure as it should be? We make sure that your site stays up, and hackers stay out.

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Industry Expertise

Redefine Your Company Today

Blair Allen’s team has over 20 year of digital marketing and demand generation expertise.  We have specialized vertical wins in the financial services and healthcare industries. Whatever industry you happen to be in know that Blair Allen can help you stand out against the competition. 

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Latest Case Study

Affiliated Mortgage

For nearly twenty years, Affiliated Mortgage has helped thousands of American’s with the entire home loan process – whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or investing in your next property, choose America’s Trusted Mortgage Provider

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